David Williford


Woodwind player and composer David Williford was born and raised in Knoxville, TN. Currently residing in Nashville, he works as a performer, composer, and educator. With early musical experiences playing blues, soul, and rock with his father, and studying modern jazz and classical music with artists like Don Aliquo, he has found a diverse and soulful place in the changing music scene.

Apart from his own projects, David has performed and recorded with a wide variety of artists as a player and arranger. Some highlights include DynamoMike HicksThe Nashville Jazz Composers Collective, Jeff Coffin, Sory DiabatéRick WilkersonThe Great Barrier ReefsCharles ButlerMichael Toman, and Mountainwalker.

His debut recording, Possible Futureswas released in late 2016 on Ear Up Records. Since then, David continues to write, teach, and perform in the Nashville area – always aiming to enrich and support the local creative music scene.

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